Cameron offers support through the practice of functional nutrition. This holistic approach goes beyond nutrition to address the whole person and to determine the underlying causes of your health conditions rather than simply addressing the symptoms.


Cameron specializes in helping people with chronic health issues (chronic digestive issues, auto-immune disease, cancer, women and men’s health, addiction and much more) feel better and become the healthiest version of themselves.

Cameron works with clients in person or via Skype and serves clients all over the world.


Awareness brings an opportunity for change and a greater sense of self. 

Cameron has been practicing massage for over 20 years. Her style incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Shiatsu techniques into one massage. With a focus on breath, movement and creative integrative strokes a massage can open the body from its armoring and holding patterns. Cameron’s massages are relaxing and balancing so as to facilitate an overall connection to mind, body and spirit.

Connect with Cameron today about Nutrition Consulting and experience the amazing benefits of massage therapy as part of your path to wellness!



Adding Yoga to your day relieves tension from the body and elevates the mind. Stress is an inevitable part of life and Cameron teaches you how to respond instead of react.

When most of the day is spent sitting and stagnate, reconnecting with the physical and mental body decreases tension, elevates and stabilizes the mood, improves sleep, improves self-esteem and so much more.

Cameron incorporates a blend of long held stretches, fluid movements, and breathing techniques. Classes are modified for all levels and provide the perfect balance to anyone’s workday. Twenty years of teaching experience allows Cameron the ability to adapt the classes to meet the needs of the individuals participating. Beginners are welcome! The goal is to get EVERYONE moving, not just those already familiar with yoga. Cameron strives to make everyone feel welcome and ready to succeed.

Interested in hiring me for private one on one yoga instruction with me as part of your path to wellness? 

I see clients privately in the Charleston, SC area and also travel to assist clients with yoga therapy as part of the path to wellness.



Radiate With the Radiate package, you are committing to a full and healthy life. You will choose strength in every day as you set out to be the best version of yourself. The Radiate package is built for individuals and families who crave a transformative lifestyle change, for those who thrive with consistent consulting and for the seekers of ultimate inner strength.

  • Nutritional Reset 4x/year
  • Yoga/Meditation 1x/week
  • Kitchen Cleanse 2x year
  • Shopping 1x/week
  • Meal Prep 1x/week
  • Massage 1.5hr/week

When you engage with the Ignite package, you are choosing a connection to your health and wellness. By maintaining a regular focus on self-care, you are building a foundation that will support all areas of your life. The Ignite package is perfect for individuals and families who have a desire to boost their wellness practices, for those who enjoy regular connection and for inquiring minds looking to expand.

  • Nutritional Reset 2x/year
  • Yoga/Meditation 2x/month
  • Kitchen Cleanse 1x year
  • Shopping 2x/month
  • Meal Prep 2x/month
  • Massage 2x/month

With the Illuminate package, you are incorporating elements of your whole health that may have been out of balance. Your foundation will grow and your relationship with yourself and your infinite potential will blossom. The Illuminate package is ideal for individuals and families who maintain a regular wellness focus, for those looking to strike a balance in their daily lives and for those interested testing the waters of wellness.

  • Nutritional Reset 2x/year
  • Yoga/Mindfulness 1x/month
  • Kitchen Cleanse 1x year
  • Shopping 1x/month
  • Meal Prep 1x/month
  • Massage 1x/month





Please note that I do require 24 hours cx for non-emergency reasons otherwise full payment is expected.

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