Hiring and retaining talent is a top priority for every successful company. Companies depend on their employees to stay motivated, be productive and reach their full potential. Smart companies understand their role in maintaining a healthy workforce. They are implementing wellness programs into their benefit packages as a way to motivate, nurture and develop the strengths of their talent pool.

Invest in your staff through wellness and enjoy a vibrant and active culture of health in your company.

Return-on-investment is an important part of considering a workplace wellness initiative. Employers are encouraged to take a holistic look at the total return beyond reduced claims savings. Experience reduced absenteeism, less unscheduled paid time off, fewer workers’ comp claims and greater employee longevity. Quickly, you will see greater engagement, increased morale and a spike in competitive advantage.

Awareness brings an opportunity for change and a greater sense of self.

Mindful wellness offers employees an opportunity to operate in the present moment with creativity and energy. The side effect of healthy nutrition is that it offers perspective and objectivity throughout the workday. The simple truth is that by de-stressing, employees are able to bring their awareness back into the present moment and the tasks at hand.

By providing employees with the tools to take care of themselves, employers are increasing the potential for greater wellness.

Studies suggest that more than 80% of employers in the U.S. are including wellness programs in their benefits packages. There is now an overwhelming body of evidence that boasts the benefits of mindful wellness programs that help to reduce health risks, lower stress levels and leave your employees calm, focused and more resourceful. It’s important to know that all employees can benefit from a wellness program. They can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed.



Watch your staff emerge as their best selves with the Radiate package. Your company’s consistent focus on self-improvement and personal wellness is hard to ignore. With multiple opportunities to participate, every employee is able to enjoy the fullness of your wellness program.

  • Nutritional Reset 4x/year
  • Yoga/Mindfulness Classes 2x/week
  • Lunch & Learn 2x/month
  • In-House Chair Massage 1x/week (3 hour block)

The Ignite package fires up energy, camaraderie and presence in every task. Nutrition, yoga, education and massage bring your team together in unexpected ways. Growth and wellness are an integral part of your company culture.

  • Nutritional Reset 4x/year
  • Yoga/Mindfulness 1x/week
  • Lunch & Learn 1x/month
  • In-House Chair Massage 1x/week (2 hour block)

With the Illuminate program employees are calm, objective and aware throughout the day. Your focus on wellness leaves you with a stronger, more connected team.

  • Nutritional Reset 2x/year
  • Yoga/Mindfulness 1x/week
  • Lunch & Learn 1x/month
  • In-House Chair Massage 1x/week (2 hour block)





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